December 8, 2013

A Sunday in Vaticano

Last week Mr and I were in Rome, listening to Pope Frances.
I don't talk about religion or politics here, in this blog, because everyone is free to think what they want.
But today is different.
Just today I'm going to say my vision about religion, about what I think about God.
I believe in God, I don't usually go to church, but I pray, because I feel fine when I know that he's here with me.
So, when last Sunday Mr and I were in San Pietro listening to Pope Francis....well, I cannot describe what a wonderful moment was that!
It was magical, it was....if you believe, once in your life, you have to go to listen to the Pope.

And then we visited San Pietro....I didn't take photos inside San Pietro, because everything was totally amazing, and breathless...
Of course, la Pietà, I had to take a photo of it
Then we visited the the cupola...

Happy Sunday to all of you!!!

PS: Today is Christmas tree day!!!So happy!!!!


  1. Looks cold and dreary! Hope you found a good tree!!!

  2. I am super amazed by the new pope! Just read a book about him and I have to say that he is really a great mnan! I can understand thats is unbelievable standing there and listening to him!