December 15, 2013

I really love...(December 2013, Christmas edition)

1. Christmas music on the radio
2. The Christmas tree that Mr and I decorated last Sunday
3. My advent calendar: this is the first time that my special Mr create it for me....he took the Ikea calendar, and in every drawer he put:
- a chocolate,
- a little message from him, in this way everyday is a very good day,
- and some pieces of a puzzle. The jigsaw is a photo of us. But I don't know which photo of  us. So is very comfortable try to do it! (I'm about to know which photo he took....)
4. Bitstrips: two days ago I drew my avatar, and I cannot stop to update her status!!
5. Making Christmas gifts for people I love
6. Being an assistant of my teacher-photographer, and even if I'm very unskilled in this work, I love it! I love how you have to prepare the set, I love how the objects look in the photos....I love! Plus my teacher is very patient....
7. Planning (in my mind) new places to see with my Mr (for the next 10 years....)
8. Christmas lights around the city!
9. Eating Panettone, Saporelli,....
10. Baking cakes for my Mr

Happy Sunday!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi sweety!!
    I agree with most of the points in your list!! I'm a super Christmas fan :D
    Yes I graduated!! Soon I'll do a post with all the pictures!!!:D Today I did my 4th final exam (only 2 left!!) and on Friday afternoon...I will be free!! Free to enjoy everything about Christmas:))))
    Have a wonderful week!!! xo