December 13, 2013

Rome, last part of our trip

Good morning!!
Good Friday!
I'm not dead!!
I've been very busy in these last days, that's why I couldn't update my little blog! But today I'm home, I am!
So many things happened in these day!
But, now, let's talk about the last part of our trip in Rome!
We couldn't visit lot of things, because our holiday was very short...but the wonderful thing of being in Rome is that you can "visit" a lot of monuments while you take a stroll....

They say every dream come true.... :)

Bye Bye Rome!!!
We hope to see you again, very soon!!!!


  1. So pretty! I don't think I posted at all this week! ARGH! I too have been soo busy!!!! BUT I do have 2 posts for next week! YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One being a giveaway! Even better!

    1. Wow Amanda!
      I wait for them!!!
      Have a good weekend!