December 18, 2013

A week to Christmas!

I love this period of the year!!!!
And in these days, I have a lot of things to do!!
Yesterday I was babysitting, and she maked up me...well, at the end of the game I looked like a Barbie (just for the make up...)! I think we aren't going to play that game again....
This afternoon I'm going to be an assistant (yahooo!!!), and tomorrow I'm going to make some private lessons!
So, I'm busy! I'm starting to fill up my days with little (but very satisfying) jobs!
While I look at this photo, I really want to visit a North Europe country! Where you can really feel the real cold, the real snow, that magical landscape! I  don't know if I could resist in a place like that, because I'm a chilly person, but...isn't it a wonderful place to live?