June 19, 2014

I really love (June 2014)

1 - Evening walks and talks with my Mr, good for digestion and good for spirit
2 - Watching World Cup with my Mr
3 - House hunting, well, it's funny!
4 - Organizing a dinner with our cousins
5 - My friend's wedding is coming!!!
6 - Taking photos, this is an evergreen!!
7 - Cooking, baking!!! So relaxing!
8 - Wearing wedge heels
9 - E-mails with blog-friend
10 - Dreaming about summer holidays
11 - All your comments on my last post!!!


  1. All great reasons to love June. (:

  2. Cute list! Love wearing wedges - I just got a new pair that I adore. Hurrah for lovely wedge-wearing weather :)

  3. I love evening walks with my Mr too and house hunting sounds like a lot of fun too! How is it going? Are you able to find something since for the two of you?
    Thanks for your last comment :)
    Enjoy your Sunday!