June 13, 2014

Summer homework

This has been a very busy week, I worked for my professor, then I was with a fantastic baby boy for an afternoon, then with a toddler...so, it's been busy, around these part!

But, today, I was watching at my fb page, and I jumped into this:
This is the summer homework list that a teacher gave to her pupils....
I try to translate... (I don't know if I did a good job....)
- do almost a somersault per day
- run for fields or beach
- Scream at echo "Who looks better between me and you?", and listen what he answered
- Invent a word per week
- Play with fantasy
- Get bored sometimes
- Go to the bookstore and hang around for a happy coloured book
- Taste every ice cream flavors
- Look at fallen stars, and express the best desire
- Read a tale with grandpa. Before the end close the book, invent the end with your grandpa and then read if you guess how the book finishes
- Write a letter to your gramma, even if she's not here anymore. It's ok even a draw
- Chose 2 of these: go fishing with papa, bake a cake with mama, go to cinema with friends, diving into the sea,visiting a museum
- Read every word you see
- Draw the place you see, draw the place you dream of,  draw the people you like more, and think, think a lot!
- Count how many cool things you did in your week

Well, I think this teacher is the best.
She's giving to her pupils a wonderful summer, and they will never forget about it!
So, I think I'm going to do some of these homework, too....for example....
- Taste every ice cream flavors (I ALWAYS eat the same flavour....)
- Play with fantasy, can I say, play with camera? a photo everyday?
- Go to the bookstore and hang around for a happy coloured book (best thing ever!!)
- Look at fallen stars, and express the best desire (like it!)

So, summer, do you know I'm going to enjoy you every single day?


  1. What a lovely idea! I really like this list and I think the teacher is super awesome! Let me know how it goes with your list :)

  2. I saw the same post on fb and thought the same things! I'll try to learn more from my daughters during this summer instead of teaching them how to behave...!! And definetely i'll try every single ice cream flavors!!