October 3, 2014

My brother's wedding

On September 27th my family and I went to (what I used to call) my brother's wedding.
I have no brother, he is my neighbor, we grow up together, and he was by my side in the darkest period of my life.
So, my sister and I had no brother, he had no brothers and sisters, so he became our brother.
And he got married last Saturday.
It was a very emotional cerimony, of course I cried, but I was very very happy for them.
And I've never seen my brother happier.

My brother's wife (!!!) lived near Trieste (more or less), so we went to the wedding in a very small but beautiful church, and then we went to the wedding breakfast in a very lovely place: Castelvecchio.

Here's some photos of that day:

Mr and I decided to discover the park...

There were a glass, and there were written an Ungaretti's poetry

It sounds like this: "Falling asleep there, alone in a far away cafe"

Mr, my brother-in-law and my sister

My mum and my Mr

Yeees!! I have bangs!!!

I love this photo

I know, these are a looot of photos, but...have you seen the park? It was a dream!!


  1. Such beautiful pictures and such a beautiful bride! And I love the bangs on you, so fun! I have thought about getting bangs but haven't had the courage to do it ;)

  2. What a beautiful place! LOVE the bangs!

  3. Oh wow, I didnt know that you too were going to a wedding last week! Thats so cool, we have been celebrating weddings together, you in Italy and me here in Germany :D I love your pictures! I will share more of my wedding soon! I just have a few reviews to do too so I have to make one wedding post- one review post- one wedding post etc :)