October 23, 2014

Everlasting Light *

Hope your week was good, but I hope you're having a bright weekend!

I know, tomorrow is Friday, but to me Friday is somehow better than Saturday...Friday evening has a special taste!

Well I put some nail polish, black this time (you know I'm a rebel) I'm listening to some good music, I'm looking forward the moment when I'll be under my blankets, and I'll read my book.

This was a good week: I met friends, my family, I run, I watched 2 episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" with my Mr yesterday evening, in 2 months it's going to be Christmas, today was cold, and I liked it, I drank the second hot chocolate of the season, I looked at the sky very frequently, because it is breathless. The only thing I didn't do and I really wanted to do, was taking photos, but don't worry, the weekend is looooong.... :)

*songs from The Black Keys


  1. Heey, I missed you on my blog recently! I would love to know how you like my new design!
    I hope your weekend was as good as your week - meeting friends and family and having hot chocolate sounds actually like the perfect week :)

  2. Love Big Bang Theory!!! I think I've had one or two hot chocolates this year. I'm feeling another one veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy soon! I've taken a liking to blueberry tea. ;)