October 20, 2014

I really love (October 2014)

1 ^ The colors of the falling leaves
2^  Driving with my Mr by my side, and sing old songs together
3^  The smell of a chocolate cake that is baking
4^  A Sunday lunch with my Mr and one of my cousins (and then my sister): I told you, we are a very close family, I feel so fine when I'm surronded by them...
5^  Google's Doodles (aren't them great?!?)
6^  Friends: girls that are there for me since I was 6, girls I met at University, friends I met thanks to all the firms I worked for, blogfriends.....you're giving me great time!THANK YOU!
7^  A colleague that comes into "my" office, and says: "Were you looking for a lens? a 50 mm? I found a big deal in amazon....." ^_^
8 ^ cabbage, pumpkins, ...
9^  My new pair of black trousers
10 ^ My Mr because it's him

1 comment:

  1. I love October too! It's one of my favourite months