October 13, 2014

An October weekend

.....and this is how fall looks like to me.
yellow and red leaves that fall down from trees, rain, and dark, and mushrooms, a blanket and a movie, some wool sweater, and some hot chocolate, pumpkins, a baking cake in the oven.... (she gave me the idea of the list of what I like of autumn....)
It's not a bad vision, to be honest.

Monday is already here, and this weekend is flown away:
On Saturday I baked some goooood little cakes-that-look-like-muffin-but-they-aren't! (I'm going to share the recipe with you veeery soon, because they are delicious!), then I went to a surprise party for the husband of one of my best friend. All Saturday I was without my boyfriend because he was ill...

On Saturday I took a ride with my bike around Padua, and....how I love my city!!!

On the afternoon I finally met my Mr, and because he was ill...we finished to watch How I met your mother 8, so... where can we buy the last season?
Personally I'm not in love with these last seasons, but you know, we want to know how everything ends!!!

How was your weekend?
Hope you had a good Monday! ;)

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  1. The Italian October looks beautiful! Here the trees are also slowly changing color but its actually still quite warm for October...