January 1, 2015

2014 you've been good to us!

And this is the real truth!
It started not in a very good way....I was without a job, and my Mr had fixed-term contract (of 3 months)...

...12 months later, he has an open-ended contract, I have an apprenticeship contract, and we bought a car.
During this year, we visited Amsterdam, (and I fell in love with that city), I turned 29 in Austria, we swam in paradise beaches in Elafonissi, I run a loooot, one of my best friends got married, my "brother" got married.

Yesterday morning I was driving to my work, the streets were desert, and I was listening to this song, I turned the volume up....and I was about to cry thinking about all the things I have.
I think that dark periods are necessary in our lives, so we can understand what really matters, and place a value on little things: all the nicknames my love gives to me, my mum that asks my advice for a new cross-stitch work, my sister's happines for snow, my friends that always make me feel so so so lucky just because they wish me a good day, in a very normal day, my colleagues that are going to consider me as a colleague, and not as "the new one", my blog friends, because are the best thing that this blog give me!

So....what about 2015? well, I hope I'll be able to find joy in little things, I hope to start a new little family with my Mr (living together!), I want to improve my photography, and I hope everyone realize their desire!

I wish you a very very very happy New Year, I hope you'll realize all you really want and need, I hope you'll never feel alone, and I hope you have a good friend you can talk to whatever happen to you. I hope you can visit that country you've always dreamt about, I hope you cook the best dinner ever, I wish you take the most beautiful photo, I wish you give the most passionate kiss to that wonderful guy, I hope you enjoy a good dinner with friends, I wish you die laughing, I wish you watch the best movie ever, I wish you had fun reading a book, I wish you smell the best flower, I wish you never stop trying, and never stop smiling.
Happy 2015 my friends!

Photo taken in Balos in August by Mr

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  1. Hi Beina,

    Happy New Year to you and have a great year ahead.