January 20, 2015

I really love ... (January 2015)

1. project 52: if I have to do something I do it. If I should do something....well, probably I don't do it, because I do something else, having this project is perfect: I know I have to do this, and I wanna do this, so I find te time and the place! ;)
2. my new lens (50mm f1.8 lens)....wow!!!!it's wonderful
3. last weekend when Mr and I spent two wonderful days together, and we visit Possagno (a post about it is about to come!)
4. pinterest, and all the photos about kitchens I found! :)
5. my evening walking before dinner
6. these blogs: vintageblackboard, diaridellalambretta, helenogbourn
7. my new flickr page
8. feeling very very good in my bed under two blankets, because...it's cold outside!
9. my blooming hyacinth
10. two new dresses I bought with sales!!

...what about you? what is making your January a very good month?


  1. I love January because it's a month when we relax more at home because of the dark evenings, and then at the end of the month we go on holiday with my parents each year. Off to the seaside on Thursday hooray! Thanks for the mention - that's very kind! :)

  2. Can I see your new dresses :)????
    I loved January because I had a great vacation to Portugal, I spent a wonderful week with my cousins, I got lots of things done which I wanted to do in a long time and I got a good mark in the new studies I started next to work :)