January 11, 2015

PROJECT 52: 2/52 Mailbox

ISO 1600, 46mm, f/5,3, 1/640, Nikon, Lens 18-55mm, Mailbox
I love receiving mail, "real" mail: postcards, letters, my magazine....so, I look at the other mailboxes, and I like them... :) This mailbox was in an old house, it is inhabited, and I thought it was interesting because of its colour and it reminds me a tiny house....
I wish you a very good week!


  1. Dai, un'altra delle mie fisse! Quante "passioni" condividiamo senza saperlo :D Anch'io guardo sempre con curiosità alle cassette della posta, inutile dire che quelle delle case più vecchie hanno un fascino in più!
    Brava Pice, sono curiosissima di vedere come prosegue questo collage di 52 foto <3

    1. Ciao Valentina!!
      Mi piacciono un sacco! è bello vedere come il tempo le ha consumate, e qual era la moda dell'epoca!
      Sta piacendo un sacco anche a me questo progetto, anche perchè non so mai quale sarà il soggetto! ;)
      Buona settimana!!

  2. This is another great project :) I love to receive mail too... I think everyone does. People should write more mail, I think!
    Thank you sooo much for your sweet comment! Your comments always make me really happy!
    I hope you have a wonderful start in the week!

    1. Hi my dear Rosa!
      I think the same, receiving a letter or a postcard is a great thing!!!
      I'm happy to know you like reading mu comments, I love your blog, and how you're growing up!

  3. Yes I love receiving mail but no one ever wrote or send me anything other than the bills :s. Great idea for a post just on Mailbox next week. You are my inspiration genius.

    1. Thank you sooooo much my dear Sandi!
      I hope you're having a good week! :)

  4. Receiving letters is one of my favourite things too (nice letters from friends, not bills!) :) I"d love a proper mailbox like this...lovely :)