January 8, 2015

Mantua (part 1)

As you probably saw on Instagram, Mr and I want to do more travels this year. And this is why we started our year visiting a new city.
On Monday we drove to Mantua, a wonderful city of Northen Italy. We are really lucky, because we can visit a lot of (amazing) places without driving too much.
So, when we have to see some new city, I feel like a child. I format the SD card of my camera, I load the battery, and I'm ready to go. :)
Life isn't made of simple things?

Just a few things, if you wanna visit Mantova: don't visit it on Mondays because ALMOST EVERYTHING is closed, for everything I mean museum, Mantegna's house, ... the only place we visit was Palazzo Te and Palazzo San Sebastiano.
Here's some photos of the city!


Rigoletto's House

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  1. This looks like a wonderful city and I think its a great thing to plan more small travels for 2015... even though I think you also travelled a lot in 2014 ;D
    I missed some beautiful posts of yours in the last weeks, but went through them now. Lienz looks also so pretty in your pictures and so do the balconys! I think thats a great idea to take pictures of them :)
    Happy weekend!