January 2, 2016

Bye bye 2015. Hello 2016

Happy 2016 my dear friends!!!!
Well 2015 was good to me. A lot.
I think this 2016 will be good too.

In the last day of 2015 I drove to Padua listening to the new album of Coldplay, with the sun that was shining, to search for my wedding dress.
And yes, I found it.
It's wonderful, in my opinion.
I've never thought about me with a weeding dress, but, ehi!, it's so funny wearing wedding dresses!!
The first one was amazing, but it wasn't for me. Too much lace.
The second one was good, but it had a huge bow. Not for me.
The third one was the right one.
Everything was at the right place.
No lace, no bows.
Just perfection (for me).
And so, I've found it.
Now I just have to put on some muscles in my arms....;)

Then Mr and I spent the evening with our friends....well, I couldn't imagine a better way to say "bye bye" to 2015, that had been a great year for us.

Hope you had a great time too.

I wish you the best for this 2016:
I hope all your dreams will come true
I wish you'll get what you desire more
I hope you'll take that travel you want to do
I wish you'll quit your job because you would found a better one
I hope you will read a book every month
I hope you wil have the time for doing what you really want to
I hope all your flowers will grow and will smell nice your home
I hope your friends will ask you an advice
I wish you'll be strong because sometimes life is not easy
I hope you'll smile a lot during the year.


  1. WOW! You found your dress already? I am so happy for you! Can you send me a picture on instagram pleeeeeeease :)?????
    Thanks a lot for your last comment : )

  2. Happy 2016 to u guys... Loved reading ur post