January 19, 2016

My blog, my happy place

Last Thursday I watched the movie Julia and Julie.
The girl has a blog and she loves cooking, do you know that movie?
I love it, plus there's a GREAT Meryl Streep....
So, I really thought "I have to write my blog! even if with little things, but I have to".
And so, here's my happy list for these first days of January:

I love hyacinths: my mum gave one before Christmas, and when it bloomed all the living room smelt good. So I bought other three hyacinths.

Yesterday evening Mr and I fall asleep together: we had some pillow-talk, and then...it was morning!

Talking with my sister, she knows me so so much, and I cannot think of a life without her.

Organizing our wedding!!! Honeymoon, location for the party, wedding dress, catering.....there's so many things to do!!
So, for now, we have the villa where we will eat, we have the church, I have the dress, and we're about to decide for our honeymoon....we think we will visit.....Iceland!!!
We would like to visit even:
- South Africa for a safari
- Cambodia and Thailand
- Peru
Where do you suggest we can go? I'm asking everyone!!!

Reading before sleeping

Having my mum for lunch on Sunday, and spend some quality time with her and my Mr.

Watching Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone while I'm writing this post.

Have a lovely night my dear friends!

I found this wonderful image here, but I don't know who did it, if you know, let me know

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