January 24, 2016

Ansia da felicità (M. Ayane)

Sunday morning.
Mr is sleeping, and I'm listening to these wonderful songs. The sun shines in our living room, and it lights up my hyacinths and my plants
I read that writing what happens during our lives will make us thinking about our lives in a better way.
So, here I am.

On January 1st I promised myself that I want to come back home from work on time (they don't pay me for extra hours).
If I arrived at 8:30 am, I will leave the office at 17:30. During last week I did it. And I felt great.

I finally saw a little wonderful newborn boy. He is the son of one of my dearest friends. He is so soft, kind, his faces are so funny, and I already love him.

Mr and I are attending our prenuptial course. Here in Italy if you want to wed in church, you should attend a prenuptial course; the course is interesting, because we talk about topics that are important if you want to spend your whole life with another person.
Yesterday evening we were at the second lesson. The priest gave us important suggestions:
- always support your wife/husband
- always think that your relationship is the most important you have
- always look good for your man/woman
- enjoy the loyalty of your husband/wife
- appreciate and respect your husband/wife 
- have a perfect harmony with her/him
- live your relationship with your friends
- live your relationship with God
well, i think these things are easy to say, but are difficult to be lived. Sometimes you are tired because of work, of our relationships ....
But, if you know it.....

So, have a wonderful Sunday my friends!

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