January 5, 2016

Let it snow!

Yesterday morning I woke up and, as always, I opened the shutter of the kitchen.
I looked outside with a still sleeping eyes...and... it was snowing.
Big, soft, cold snowflakes were falling down.
Everything around was white.
So I opened the window and I heard the 'sound' of snow. I love it. I can't describe it.
Then I realized: 'It's snowing. And. I'm. On. Holiday'
I had a fast breakfast, I put on my 'snow' boots, and, of course I had a stroll with my camera.

Isn't it magic?

1 comment:

  1. It's so amazing to wake up and see everything covered in white! I miss that, here we only have rain, all day long... Perhaps there will be snow soon :) Happy New Year!