April 19, 2016

My purpose

Gooood morning!!!!

So starting from yesterday, I wanna walk/run/bike for at least 5 km every day.
I spend the most part of my days sitting in front of a pc, I gained some pounds, but, first of all I don't feel fine.
So I decided that I have to move, and this will be my daily diary!
If you wanna join me, well you're welcome!

For now, have a nice Tuesday!

What I saw yesterday during my stroll :)

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  1. This sounds great! I go running around twice a week and do yoga twice a week... but I also go for loads of walks during the week. Thanks for your words on my new blog! I hope you will be able to follow me there!? There is no gfc but I added bloglovin today if you use that!?


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