April 27, 2016

My purpose (I forgot the day)

A very quick update! :)
Yesterday I came back to work....bad mood....I don't wanna be negative, so I'll write nothing about it....
After work I went to do my first manicure!!!!Well, isn't it great?I don't think I will keep it for looong time, I like having nail polish, but after some days I get bored of it...do you feel the same?
When I came back home, I bike with my exercise bike for 7 km, while I was watching 500 days.
Finger crossed today at work will be better!

1 comment:

  1. I'm finally getting caught up on some blog reading-- love that you're doing something for yourself! I should really start exercising more as well... And manicures are so fun! I have only had a few done, but they're always a treat when I do :)