April 25, 2016

My purpose and a collaboration!

Happy Monday evening my friends!
Another night is passed without Mr, the last one, because he's coming home! Yahooo!!!
To be honest these days are flown, but I'm so so so happy he will be here in a couple of hours :)
I'm watching at "Eat, pray, love", Julia Roberts is really great, now she's in Italy, and she's eating!

About my purpose...yesterday and today I walked for 5 km, I really feel fine and great!I hope you're finding some time for moving too, because now that I do it, I'm asking myself "how could I spend the whole winter without execise a bit?"

And last but not least!
I'm collaborating with my friend Stefania of "Xle SoRelle"! I'm excited, because she creates wonderful jewels, and she has a lot of creativity!!!
I hope this collaboration will last a lot!
And stay tuned for the first giveaway!!!
Xle SoRelle
Xle SoRelle

 Happy Monday night, my friends!

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  1. I ams so glad to see you blogging so much these days! And I love bloglovin because it makes it so easy to read your posts every day :) also congrats on the great collab! I cant wait for the giveaway and if these earrings are in, then I really wanna win :D
    I hope you are doing well! Can you come back to Germany soon? I would love to meet!
    conscious lifestyle of mine