April 24, 2016

My purpose - days 5 and 6

Happy rainy Sunday my dear friends!
So, Friday no exercise: Mr, my mum and I went to the florist, and we talked about the flowers we will use for our wedding. Then a dinner with friends, and so I had no time for walking/biking/running.
On Saturday, I walked 1,000 km looking for the perfect dress to wear at the weddings I'm gonna have the next weekends. And I didn't find it. I don't know what I'll wear. I'll probably have a crush. Someday.
Plus, the night that is passed I slept without my Mr. He's at a bachelor party of a friend of us, in Belgium.
This was the first night I slept without him, and home alone. Home is different, without him. I hope Monday evening will arrive soon. This is the first time I wish Monday evening will arrive soon.
Have a nice Sunday!!!

Ah, yesterday I bought this book... :)

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