April 25, 2012


Tomorrow will be the day.
Yes, tomorrow I'm going to discuss my thesis, and then I'll  be graduated.
Yesterday evening I saw Hachi not for the first time. I watched it until Richard Gere went to his University for his last time, then I changed. I always stop to see "Marley and me" when they moved to another house, when Marley gets old. In this way Marley and Hachi still live. And I can be happy.
 Anyway, while I was looking at the movie they said numer 8 is a lucky number..... so I tought: 26= 2+6=8 ..... wow.....
So finger crossed for me for tomorrow!!!
Nervous? YES
Agitated? YES
HAPPY? YES but, please ask this to me on April 27th!


  1. You're gonna do great!!!! Cute puppy!!! xoxo A-

  2. good luck!! Sending lots of good vibes your way!

  3. Hey! Compliment for your graduation! wuf wuf!

    But when will you post some other post? I can't wait for reading other!
    See you soon! Wuf Wuf!

    With love