April 19, 2012

Bach Flower

My sweet and handsome Professor has changed for the THIRD time the hour of my discussion.
This isn't a tragedy, but after my discussion I'm going to have a party ( we used to do this! ), so I have to say to 50 people that the hour is changed. Three times!!!
So two days ago I went to my herbalist, and she gave my Bach flowers, when I feel anxious, nervous, I take some drops of this flowers and something starts to go on the right way.
I don't drink alcoholic, because I don't like the taste.....these Bach flowers are made with brandy!!!!!!I think I get drunk, that's how they relax me..... hahahahaha!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Ha! I'm usually not drawn to the taste of alcohol either...but my husband has succeeded in making me like wine and his homemade margaritas. I always say, "Don't put in too much alcohol!! You'll ruin it!!"