April 12, 2012

Thinghs I love (April 2012)

Things I love of this month:
1) Last month of University and of study (a dream came true) for me and for my boyfriend
2) Looking for a dress, a pair of shoes, a belt, ....., for April 26th when I'm going to discuss the thesis, happy happy happy!!!
3) Autumn is here again....it rains and it's cold!!!! (I don't like it, but I must be positive.....infact I use my rainy boots!!!!they don't hurt me anymore... : ) )
4) Plants are blooming!!!!
5) All the time I spend with my friends looking for a job from Universitary pc.... : )
6) I'm happy to see my friends again!!!ALL MY FRIENDS!!!!
7) Boyfriend and I decided to prove new restaurants
8) Natalie Portman for Miss Dior Chérie
9) Booking an apartament in Paris for my best friend wedding!!
10) Dogs, little dogs!!!

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