April 2, 2012

I really love reading

Last year I saw a movie, the Jane Austen Book Club.

I really really liked this movie, and since that time I started reading all Jane Austen's books.
I discovered a fantastic English world, with gentlemen, shy girls, and reading this before sleeping is like watching a movie!!!
Now I'm reading "Mansfield Park" , I started it two weeks ago, I think I'm going to read more the next days because my thesis is almost finished...


  1. I've never read her books... I'll have to check them out! xoxo A-

  2. Oh, I love Jane Austen :) Especially Pride&Prejudice! Bath, the place where she grew up and lives, in England, is also a very beautiful place I can tell you. Which book is your favourite of hers?

  3. Hi!
    where is your post today?I miss it!

    Your blog is so lovely! I read it everyday!
    Wuf Wuf