November 7, 2012

In these days....

......I learned from my mother that in a house, you can ALWAYS find something to clean. ALWAYS
......I watched a lot of sit com, and I love them (How I meet your mother, Scrubs, Private Practice,....)
......I walked a lot!
......I made a lot of window shop. Yes, I bought nothing. Nothing (High five for me!!!)
......I fell in love with hats
......I discovered new blogs
......I asked to boyfriend to visit London (thanks to this lovely girl, and to this movie, and for other reasons...)...and in February, we'll fly there!!!
......I learned how to use Instagram
So, I loved these days, and now I'm ready to start!!!
Photo taken along a street in Padua

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for letting me know how to publish your Instagram feed on your blog. I followed the steps and like you said it was super easy.

    So excited for you that you're going to London. It is such a lovely city! And I absolutely love that you live in Italy. I've traveled to Italy several times already and loved every trip. Can't wait to go back with my husband very soon! He has never been!