November 13, 2012

Day 4th

No, because the first day, everything was beautiful and ok.
The second, third, and fourth one.....for 8 hours I did NOTHING.
Because nobody teaches me nothing, and when i ask if I can help someone, nobody says "Yes!come here!I need your help".
Yes, these are the first days. I know, I have to wait.
I'll wait, but.....
: )
Plus, today I went to the outlet, and in my mind this is how I would look like..
.....I'm not able to find a rapresentative picture of how I was whe I came I bought nothing, and, you know, to me, it's very strange........
Anyway, things could be worse.
Let's be postive!!!! (and let's look around, let's think we're going straight to Christmas' time.... )


  1. Buying nothing IS very strange!!!!!!! Love that movie!

    1. I went to reply to your email and it's not linked up to your email! Anywho, the giveaway is open to EVERYONE!!!!! Make sure you enter, Heylee B. is awesome!!!

  2. Oh no! I hope everything gets better soon, Beina! :( I hate feeling down. Well, yes...I guess the bright side is that you didn't spend a lot of money...think of it as being able to spend on something you really love in the future. :)

    I'm thinking about you and hoping things get much better!