November 24, 2012

... because statisticans do it better!!!

Yesterday no work -> Such a great great day!!!!!!! (Infact yesterday was a sunny day!!!)
In the afternoon I went to the graduation of two friends of mine and it was one of the most amazing afternoon I have ever had!!!!It's so wonderful spending time with people who knows you, that spent bad and good moments with you (Universitary exams, Wednesday evenings,...), I laughed and talked so much and I today I couldn't be happier!!!!!
We're growing up so fast.
We're looking for a job, and some of us thinks that leave Italy could be the best solution to find one (actually currently I agree with them....)
We're in love: in our group there's a lot of couples, (because statisticans do it better), and much of them are moved in togher!!!
This is not a very good period for me, but yesterday night I was at home, and there's nothing better for me!
Thank you all, statisticans!!!

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  1. haha so funny. i love graduations too! especially when its for friends and family :)