February 11, 2013

Yes ladies, we've got it...an almost happy post!!!

I've loved this Monday, because:

1) This lovely girl writes a comment on my post. You must know that when I find a comment from all of you, I feel very very fine, and happy! So this week started in a right way, thank you Lauren!

2) At 10:00 in the morning the first snowflake had fallen down. And now (10 pm) they are still falling!!!!

3) I probably have a GOOD job news. But I wait until I signed something (keep your finger crossed)

4) I came out work early, because of snow

5) I walked under the snow. I. LOVE. SNOW. And yes, I hope it keeps snowing all night long, so tomorrow morning I cannot go to work, and I can play (and taking photos) with snow.

 This is what I see from the window of my bathroom.
How can't I love snow?
Have a dreamy night!

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