February 22, 2013

Six things

In these days I'm at home.
Untill March 4th I'm not going to work.
And can I tell you something? It's wonderful being and staying at home.

In these three days:

- I met a friend for a long long coffee, and for long talks

- It snowed! And I'm not working! This means paradise!!! So....I put on my fake-hunter-pair-of-boots, and I walked under the snow, I don't know why I love so much snow...

- I finally finished to read "The casual vacancy", and I can say that it's a very good book, even if it's not captivating from the beginning

- I'm tired about politics

- I ate the salad that I had planted (I'm so proud!!, and yes, it tastes good, yes!)

- My brother made me a wonderful "morning gift"... (he wrote my name on the windshield of my car), and this is a very very good way for starting a Friday morning

Have a magic weekend!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I want to stay home until March 4th! jealous! xoxo

  2. Amanda! Sometimes a little break is all that we need!