February 14, 2013

Hey! It's Valentine 's day!!!

Before meeting my Mr I have never celebrated Valentine's day. Because I was lonely.
When I was lonely, I thought "when I'll have a boyfriend, I'll always celebrate this day", and this is what I'm trying to do.
I know it's a "commercial day", I know that "everyday should be Valentine's day", and so on, but....why can't I celebrate my love for Mr EVEN on Valentine's day???

To be honest, for us even tomorrow is like Valentine's day....because 5 years ago we got our first kiss......

Kiss in Barcelona, July 2008
Kiss in Athens, October 2008
Kiss in Tenerife, October 2009
Kiss in Malta, September 2010
Kiss in KRK, September 2011
Kiss in Copenhagen, May 2012

Kiss in Florence, November 2010
Kiss in Paris, May 2011
Happy kiss for Mr in Paris, May 2011
Kiss in Venice, November 2012
I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day!!!!
Of course, with your Valentine!!!!

PS: For this post, I took inspiration from this blog .....she has so many fantastic ideas!!!!