April 1, 2013

Around these parts....happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter (yesterday) to you!!!!
Nothing really special happened on Easter day...we ate a lot of supergood food, we met and had good conversation with our relatives (we have a lot of relatives), and I met a supercute kitten (to meet her, you can go here)!

Today we met our friends for a big lunch, and then Mr and I took some photos...in the morning the sun was with us, but in the afternoon it was hidden by the clouds!
Anyway...we took some photos...here they are!

Ehm....as you probably may have notice, I've discovered the use of picasa....BUT, I think that while nature is perfect as it is, Mr and I could tolerate to be modify by this amazing program!!!
I'm in love with this photo, how he look at me
My super outfit!hahahaha

I hope you had a good Easter!
I wish you a wonderful Tuesday!