April 11, 2013

I've been away for a while

I just want to say hello to you....and telling (randomly) that in these days:
- on Friday night Mr helped two snails to cross the street (he has a very pretty soul!)
- today I took a walk in "my" park, and.....ooh!!!temeprature is going to rise, the sun is still hiding behind the clouds, but I'm sure it will arrive to shine!!!Then, a man was mowing and the air smelt good of cut grass...and this smell to me, means spring/summer!!!I LOVE IT!!!!
- I had a bachelorette party in Venice (I'm going to upload the photos, I promise!)
- Mr and I booked a little holiday together
- I spent a lot of time with Mr watching at "How I met your mother"....we are in love with this television series!!!
- My ficus is growing up (more photos to come)
- My Grandpa is getting better :)
- I started to use a lipstick (a very natural colour, the next one will be a little more aggressive)
- I'm dreaming about the day when I'll start to run again!!!
Picture took when we were in London (today I wore the same clothes...., spring?can you come?)

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