April 21, 2013

Home alone

This weekend was awesome.
Mr and I lived together for two days.
I saw how my life with Mr will be.
Do I have to  sign somewhere to make this happened soon...now?!?
Seriously. I think I can marry this man, tonight.
We had a German dinner (we cooked and ate wurstel that become hotdog, and potatoes), and a vegetarian lunch (zucchini, aubergine and patties of potatoes), we watched a lot of episodes of "How I met your mother", we made gardening,....we made a lot of things, as a couple.
And tonight, I'm home alone.
Because, Mr came back to his home, my mum is away.
This is the first time that I'm home alone for the whole night.
Yes, I'm scared, and I hope no monster will come out from my wardrobe.

UPDATE:  I slept peacefully, like a baby girl! ;)
Have a nice Monday!

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