February 24, 2012


The job interview was good, I didn't wait for 35 minutes this time.
But they want me now, and now I can't go because I have to finish my paper.
Yesterday was not a good day, I was very angry and nervous.
But...... today it's a new day, the sun is shining and I know my boyfriend is next to me. He is a kind of  "my angel on Earth".
By the way, Sunday I'm going to have a little party. A party for a little girl who has turned 2 a week ago. It's sooooo funny to find a little gift for her!!!!
While I was finding a little gift for the little girl, I entered in Zara shop ......... and I saw them.....
and I did a tour of the shop, I wanted to buy a lot of things.
So I came back home and I watched Glee.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I'm nuts about those shoes!! Totally pinned those a week ago!! :)