February 9, 2012

Dear ...

Dear pedestrian,
can you stop walking on bike path?
and, if you have to cross the road, can you WATCH before you cross (especially when you cross outside the crosswalk)?????? thank you!!!

Dear winter,
can you go away???? I'm tired of being dressed up as a michelin man!!!

Dear paper,
why do not you write by yourself?

Dear book that I'm reading,
I love opening you and finding my boyfriend's message inside you!!! It's a wonderful way to start sleeping!

Dear Katie Melua,
thank you for "Nine million bicycles", I can listen to this song for hours!

Dear hyacinths,
can you smell as you are smelling now, forever?

Dear "Valentine's day" (the movie),
I saw you yesterday, you're not a so fantastic movie, but I like you, because I tought about my boyfriend all the time!

Dear boyfriend,
thank you for being as you are!!

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