February 22, 2012

Flowers flowers flowers

My life at the moment is a little bit boring, paper, cold, paper, job interviews, nothing too exciting ....so I found this wonderful images, of course, of flowers .....I would like to have a house FULL of flowers!!!! (for my boyfriend's joy!!)

Isn't this wonderful?

Isn't this a good idea?


  1. ciao pice! :)
    i love your blog and i am now following! so glad you commented on mine so i could find you. i am thinking we must be around the same age because i am finishing up my university days too. thank you again for your sweet comment! cant wait to come back!

  2. I want a house full of flowers and plants too! Too bad I can't keep any alive. There's one plant in our living room and it's barely alive. It makes everybody who comes into the living room laugh. I do not have a green thumb at all...