February 1, 2012

Good morning February!

That's the weather outside!
There is sooooo much wind, and it's so cold, that I could freeze in just one minute!!! I don't know if it will snow, but they say that temperatures will drop and that this will be the coldest winter of the last 27 years.
Isn't it cool?

Anyway .... yesterday I bought my shirt, with no discount, but if the lipstick doesn't go away, I can change it!
The lipstick is gone away.
And I have my shirt! : )


  1. where are you? so many people are talking about the warm weather outside...i feel bad you aren't enjoying it too. good luck in the wind. we get it bad here in illinois too.

  2. It's warm and sunny here in LA, and does NOT feel like February, unfortunately! Thank you for the sweet comment xo


  3. And I am in New York and it's very warm as well. Well 55 is warm compared to 20! Cute BLog!