February 14, 2012

How it all began ....

Everything started with this one, 4 years ago....
.... I told to one of my friends that I liked a guy, and I asked him, if this guy had a girlfriend. My friend told me that this guy had no girlfriend. And I was happy. Very happy. But this friend also told to the guy that I asked about him.
So the guy, on 14th February of 4 years ago, while I was studing for a text, put in front of me one of this fantastic chocolate.
I still have the wrapper of that chocolate.
Since that S.Valentine's day, S.Valentine is one of my favourite day.
The day after, at a party, we kissed. It was a very unusal thing for me. But that guy had something special to me.... 
And since that day I cannot think about my life without this boy.
Happy S.Valentine day!!!!!

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