March 29, 2013

Recipe: Legumes soup

As i tell you, I like cooking.
Today, I'm home alone (yahooo!!!!), and I can be the queen of the kitchen.
So, while winter is still with us, I wanted to eat something hot....this is the recipe of a legumes soup:
1. You need some dehydrate legumes (I took 250 gr of beans, barley, lentils..):

2. Then cut a onion (I took a half), and a carrot, and then mince them together:

3. Now: join carrots+onions minced with legumes with water (about 1,5 l, if the soup isn't ready, you have to add other water):

4. Cook it for about 2 hours (I'm not good with timetables...I taste a bean...if it is soft, soup is ready, if it is hard the soup isn't ready! ;) )

5. Grate some Grana Padano, and when the soup is cooked, add Grana Padano to the soup

6. Eat it!!!

Have a nice Friday evening!!!

PS: I used Picasa in every photo......I love it!!!!

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