September 20, 2013

And so, in September 2013 I started loving basket...

Mr loves basket.
Two weeks ago he went to Slovenia, where there is Eurobasket, with some of his teammates to watch two matches of Italy. (we won)
He had the best time of his life. 
So I started to follow basket, too. And let me tell you...basket is better than football...first of all there are just 5 players, so you have to learn by heart just 5 names, plus, there's more action!!!
And I started to follow Gigi Datome that is a very talented Italian boy that now is playing in NBA, with Detroit Pistons.
So, yesterday night there were Italy-Lituania: I spent one of the most beautiful nights with my Mr.
We watched the game in his bed, he explained me all that I asked him (everything), we ate a snack in his bed, we rooted for Italy.... while I was there I thought that I'm going to love my life with Mr.
A life full of those little things, like an evening spent watching and cheering a basket match.
Oh, fyi, Italy lost.

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  1. Haha. I started to like soccer more and more since J. is very much into soccer :)
    Love your pictures from the last posts!
    Lots of love!