September 18, 2013

Mare profumo di mare- Vizula and Porec

Here's the last part of our Croatian holidays!
I would be there, right now.
Fall is coming.
I hope some good news are coming too.
I just hope.
By the way, the last day we visited Vizula and Porec.
Vizula was a little city near were we had our apartment (Medulin), and it was inhabited by much history!
I love it! if I could express a desire, I would like to travel through time....

I was reading the guide

this skirt, for me, was like a toga!

Coming back home, we visited Porec, where we saw The "Basilica Eufrasiana" that was amazing!
If you go to Porec, I reccomend it to you!

Basilica Eufrasiana

 And so, we came back home...


  1. All of the stone is just amazing. It reminds me of how old everything really is. (:

    1. It reminds the same of me!
      And I really love ruins!

  2. beautiful !
    one of the things I miss about Europe now that I live in Australia is the history
    here the oldest this are maybe 200 years old
    I miss getting in a car and being in another country with different architecture and story

    soooo nice x

    1. This is why I'm in love with Europe!
      Have a nice day, Joanne!