September 25, 2013

I really love (September 2013)

1. Reading, really. I'm looking for a job that requires a lot of hours spent in reading books. I don't know if this exists....
2. Sorry, this is number 1 not 2.....
Let's do it again....

1. Your comments!!!!!I LOVE THEM!!!!!They made my days!for every comment you left, my heart is full of joy!!
I'm discovering so many wonderful blogs, and every time I find a new one I think "Why should somebody read MY blog? It's just about my life...nothing very interesting..." So, thank you, thank you, thank you, for leaving comments!

2. Reading (as above)

3. Figs: I ate a lot of them from my grandpa's tree!they are....I cannot describe....I love them! the interesting thing is that I didn't like them, 3 years ago!

4. Flowers I find when I go running

5. Thinking that in just 3 months, it'll be Christmas!!! 

6. Thinking about all I have, not all I haven't. This kind of exercise works, infact I feel better than last week (thank you pinterest for some inspirational thoughts! 1, 2, .... )

7. Cooking

8. On Saturday, a man was playing his piano in the middle of the's not the first time I saw him,'s so wonderful listening to classic music while you walk...good man that follows his dreams still exists..

9. Sunsets...every evening they are amazing!

10. My Mr he's the best man I could ever meet!


  1. vedo?la copertina di un libro di Jojo Moyes..per me assolutamente sconosciuta fino a qualche mese fa quando ho scoperto questo libro che devo assolutamente leggere: "io prima di te"
    Bea sei supermitica...sei sempre un passo avanti!!! :***

    1. Bella Lu!!!, questo libro me l'ha prestato mia sorella, devo riconoscere che il merito è suo!!
      Però è davvero bellissimo!!!All'inizio non prende poi....non vedevo l'ora di avere 5 minuti liberi per gustarmelo!!!

  2. What beautiful pictures! Blogging is our daily journey, keep it up! Not all bloggers take the time to comment. It's a shame really...

    PS - I'm sure there are plenty of jobs where reading is required. I would think research would be a good one, but I guess you'd have to find a job that has interesting thing to research to enjoy it. lol

    1. Thank you Amanda!!
      Thank you sooo much!!!
      Have a nice day!