September 5, 2013

Mare profumo di mare- Pola

I have my photos!!!
It took JUST a day to convert all my photos into jpeg, but now I can see all of them!
So, here's some photos of our holiday!
I hugely recommend Croatia, because you can get a good tan, you can swim through fishes (I did it, true story!), you can visit little cities full of history!
The first full day we stayed in Medulin, because the weather in the morning wasn't very good, and the day after we visited Pola...take a look!

Ladies and gentlemen here's Pola!
I loved it!!! 
(infact, as you can see, I took just a few photos...)
I love this photo!

So, see you tomorrow for the second part of our holiday!!


  1. Stunning! One of these days I'm going to make it to Europe.

    1. You can come whenever you want!!

  2. SO beautiful! I wanna go there :)!!!