September 3, 2013

Random thing of our holiday (because I have a little problem with my pc....)

I just have a little little problem with my pc....he (=my pc), is not able to read file nef.
Of course, all the photos I took in Croatia are files nef.
I really would like to cry.
But I read there's a solution (if you know a solution, can you suggest me?).....until I make it work, here's some photos I took with my mobile!
What can I tell you about this vacation?Oh...
I love Croatia,
I love vacation with my Mr,
I love waking up in the morning, going to the nearest bakery and buying some brioches for Mr's breakfast,
I love the sun
I love having a tiny apartment all for us
I love Croatian fruits and vegetables
I love Croatian sea (where I swam!!!yes, true story)
I love that I used my mobile just in the evening, because we had wi-fi just in the apartment.....
Medulin, the day we arrived
The road where we had our apartment
Doesn't it look like "the secret garden"?
......Mr, can we please, come back?

See you the next days!!


  1. Those photos are gorgeous! Your little morning routine of going to get fresh baked goods sounds AMAZING to me. That's the life I want to be living hehe ♥

    1. Irela, it really was amazing!
      The fresh air of the morning, having a little walk, and the brioches...everything was perfect!!