September 23, 2013

A good weekend

New week, new season, new positive thoughts!
After a very bad Friday, I had a wonderful weekend:
On Saturday, Mr and I met my childhood friends and we had a very huge and good dinner, we talked about how life changes when you decide to start to live together with your boyfriend/ seems boyfriends discover so many new things about their girlfriends... how important is cleaning, how important is having a neaten house, and so on...
Mr and I don't live together, yet. Despite all the things we heard, despite how boys scared my Mr telling him "Don't do this! You're in time!It's going to be a nightmare!You will regret!", well, we still want to live together asap!
Because we think that waking up in the morning together, living all the little things together, is priceless!
On Sunday, I met a pretty lady while I was biking, now she's living in Dubai, but she's here in Italy for some days! I was so happy to meet her!
In the afternoon I was with Mr and little Didi (do you remember?) for a walk in the Park... and this was all I need!!

They've already talked about everything....
She never stops!
My favourites
Good morning, fall!


  1. Those pictures are amazing! I love that light! Beautiful!
    Happy fall to you :)

    Lots of love!

  2. Lovely. Here spring is starting, or actually summer. There aren't really four seasons..
    Glad you can start a new week positive x

    1. Hi Joanne!!
      I envy you....because I love hot weather!So spring and summer are the seasons that I prefer...I even love winter because there's Christmas.....
      Thank you for passing by!

  3. Glad you had such a nice weekend and happy Fall!
    xx lexi @ glitter, inc.

    1. Thank you so much Lexi!
      Happy Fall to you!

  4. Hello beina! sorry for my absence on your blog! but here I am catching up with everything.
    Hopefully soon to live together with the love of your life, and to experience these unique moments of each together, everyday things that are beautiful to live when you love. You will see that they are a wonderful couple and I'm sure they will do very well as a team.

    a million kisses and hugs

    1. Danny!!!
      You're so kind with me!!!
      I hope my dreams come true very soon....otherwise...I keep om dreaming!!!
      Thank you very very much!!

  5. Thanks for your comment pretty lady! Have a wonderful day!

    Lots of love!