January 24, 2013

I really love ... (January 2013 )

I think this little game that I'm playing, it's working. Seriously.
That's why, today I'm going to tell you that I really love:
1) Frittelle that I ate yesterday evening (Thank you Mr!!!!), these frittelle are the best in the whole world!!!!
2) I finally found the blazer that my tutor was wearing, that was FANTASTIC!!!(of course the one I found was an XL and was green....no good.....and I cannot find the picture in internet....)
3) My growing plants:
4) Days that are getting longer (today I came out of my office and it wasn't dark!!!)
5) My fringe, that now is really horrible, but it's getting longer
6) My countdown for our trip to London (very very happy and excited!!!)
7) I bought an English course at the British Institute, with a very huge discount!!!(thank you Groupon!!!)
8) Tomorrow is Friday (very happy of this, very....)
9) My new sunglasses!!! (you can see a photo on Instagram, and you can even see my wonderful fringe....grrrrr...)
10) I defeted the onion smell that "has lived" in my car since Sunday evening, when Mr and I ate a pizza (yes, Mr took a pizza with onion, to be honest he took onion and pizza, anyway...) EVERY morning that I entered into the car I was almost killed by this smell.
Untill yesterday, when I fell in love for "Ambi pur" and for his scent of cedar and mint....

Ten things that I love!!!
I told you, this game, is workin!!!!

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