January 31, 2013

Little letters

Believe me o not, yesterday nothing was really positive (remember, I cannot talk about Mr as a positive thing).

Dear February,
every good news is welcome!If you want, here I am!!!

Dear days,
thank you, thank you for getting longer!I really like come out of the office and being able to find my car because the night isn't already come.

Dear car radio,
it's really nice turning you on and listening to Pink's new song, Try. (Yes, I sing it from the beginning to the end and when I don't remember the correct English words, I create them)

Dear pc,
thank you for being my "friend" in these evenings, connecting me with beautiful/amazing friend and blogfriend, twitter, instagram, pinterest....

Dear coat that I saw before in a shop,
don't worry, I'll come soon to buy you. And we'll stay together forever.

Dear postman,
thank you for letting me find in the mailbox my weekly paper

Dear Mr,
thank you for being by my side every day, and every day means every day.
Picture taken in Copenhagen

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  1. bellissimo il tuo blog..... ti abbiamo scoperta tramite love taza

    Buon we

    Lelli Family