January 8, 2013

Can I give you some advices?

During the day a lot of things and ideas come to my mind, and I think "Yes! This evening I can talk about this on my blog!".
The evening comes and the idea is flown away. EVERY. EVENING.
Today was better than yesterday. (Thanks for asking, and thanks God tomorrow is already Wednesday!!)
And here you'll find some random thoughts that came into my mind today!

If you decide that you don't want your bangs anymore, you have to know that you will pass some LOOOONG weeks with an unconvincing, hilarious and horrid haircut (I'm through those weeks, damn bangs...)

NUMBER 2: - Book Advice
Read this book.
It's about a very sweet, tender and delicate love story between two kids.
Read it.
And then tell me if you like it!I loved it!!!!!
If you want here you find his blog
NUMBER 3: Movie Advice
Watch this movie:
It's dramatic, and I cried (not so extraordinary...), but it's really a wonderful movie, and Mickey Rourke is at his best.
Then you listen to the soundtrack of Bruce Springsteen, and you cannot think that this isn't a wonderful movie.

Tell me, friend, can you ask for anything more?

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